The Profruit Advantage

When it comes to fruit, every piece has a purpose. 

While sourcing fresh fruit, ProFruit are conscience of the many businesses they cater to and their changing needs.

Many businesses in the fresh food chain pride themselves on only selling the best of the best, however ProFruit like to take a well-rounded approach to buying and selling fresh produce.

Quality counts. If you are after the best of the best, if it’s available, ProFruit will have it, and they’ll also have fruit that comes in a close second and third too.

We’ve all heard the saying don’t judge a book by its cover, the same applies for fruit. Sometimes fruit have some superficial blemishes and still eat fantastic, these can also be found on the ProFruit Stand.

What does this mean for you?

The Farmer

ProFruit’s broad customer base require variety. There is no ‘one size fits all’ line so ProFruit need a full range of  varieties, sizes, classes and qualities. We are able to provide the best options for your whole of crop, not just the class one produce.

The Buyer

ProFruits experienced staff are experts when it comes to matching the right produce to the right buyer. We understand the challenge of catering to a diverse demographic of consumers so we keep a full range of produce ensuring you get it right first time, every time.

The Consumer

Price and quality count. Sometimes the biggest, juiciest fruit is a little expensive so you buy the smaller, juicy fruit. It still tastes great and buying the smaller size means you can buy more. ProFruit provide different fruits at different price points to buyers so you can always enjoys some delicious, healthy fruit without breaking the bank!

At the end of the day, by providing a large range of fruit with different characteristics and different prices, consumers and buyers have choices, growers are able to maximise their returns and all levels of the fresh food chain are satisfied they have the best product for the best price available. That’s the ProFruit way.