Best fruit to store in the fruit bowl

Having a central fruit bowl in the house is a great way to encourage the family to eat a piece of fruit if they want a snack. The vibrant colours of the fresh fruit always brightens the home atmosphere and is so inviting. Everyone gathers around our fruit bowl like a magnet especially when there are grapes ready to be nibbled.

Fruit is an important part of our diet and it’s recommended that adults eat 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables per day in the Australian Guide To Healthy Eating.

In general, fruit stays freshest when there is a low moisture content so storage in a fruit bowl is perfect for most items.

The best fruits to keep in a bowl are:

-Pineapple (whole)
-Melons (whole)
-Grapes (usually best stored in the fridge but they will be eaten a lot faster by hungry family members in a fruit bowl)

Some produce is best left at room temperature in a fruit bowl for a few days as they ripen. Once ripe then they can go into the fridge. These items are: