Sydney Markets Gives Flood Victims a Helping Hand

Earlier this year, many growing areas in Queensland Australia were devastated by floods that engulfed farms and towns alike. Tens of thousands of people lost everything; their businesses, their homes and some, their lives. In the wake of this disaster, the newly formed industry charity, Sydney Markets Foundation, launched an appeal that received a generous response from businesses and individuals in the Sydney Markets community.

Although it has been nearly a year; life for many families, particularly in country regions, is still not back to normal and thousands are facing a very bleak Christmas. When the Sydney Markets Foundation directors heard about the plight of hundreds of families in the Emerald area of Queensland through the dedicated volunteers at the Emerald Neighbourhood Centre, they thought maybe they could lend a hand. Following a suggestion from the Emerald Neighbourhood Centre staff, they organised 200 x $200 gift cards to be distributed to families in need.

‘It is a chance to make Christmas a little brighter for some needy families who have been doing it tough’ said Foundation Chairman, Bill Chalk. ‘It also has the extra bonus of helping businesses in the area who have suffered from the floods’ added Bill.

The gift cards are currently being distributed to families in need through the Emerald Neighbourhood Centre.

‘We are very appreciative of the generous donation and it will certainly assist the families to continue recovering from the devastation of December 2010’ said Emerald Neighbourhood Centre founder Lorna Hicks.

The Sydney Markets Foundation was established in 2010 to administer the contributed funds from all of the events the Markets host, as well as fund the Market community donations for the various disaster relief projects that sadly seem to be increasing. The Sydney Markets Foundation is a joint project between Sydney Markets Limited and The NSW Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries.

Through the Foundation, the generous businesses of the Market can be assured their contributions are distributed directly to the communities/people suffering hardship.

As Foundation Chairman, Bill Chalk, said: ‘In the last twelve months, donations in support of our appeals have enabled us to help a wide variety of very worthwhile organisations and needy individuals. Our aim is to provide help today and to give hope that tomorrow will be better and brighter.’