Australian Mango Varieties

The Mango season is upon us. Prices might start high but they don’t take long to come down so we can all enjoy this delicious summer fruit.

There are lots of varieties of mango’s so here’s a quick and easy cheat sheet so you know what’s what when it comes to Aussie Mangoes.

Australian Mango varieties available throughout the season are:

Kensington Pride (also known as the Bowen)

  • a soft medium-sized (300g – 600g) mango with golden flesh with a sweet, tangy flavour and a rich orange skin tinged with a pink or red blush
  • the most popular variety grown in the sub-tropical and tropical regions of Australia, making up 70% of all trees planted
  • available from late September to March


  • has a particularly firm fibreless flesh with a full, sweet flavour and a smooth deep orange blushed skin
  • its firm flesh is particularly well-suited for use in salads
  • available from late September to March


  • a large (600g – 1kg) round mango with firm lemon-yellow flesh which has a sweet, mild flavour and deep orange skin tinged with an orange-red blush
  • due to its long shelf life, the R2E2 is much sought after in export markets
  • available from November to February

Honey Gold

  • has firm, juicy flesh with a rich, sweet flavour and a brilliant golden apricot-yellow colour
  • widely-spread, grown in all but one mainland state in Australia
  • its firm fibreless flesh makes the Honeygold the perfect choice for salads and smoothies, and to eat on its own, fresh or frozen, as there are no mango fibres to get stuck between your teeth
  • available from November to March


Australian Mango varieties available later in the season are:


  • a small to medium-sized mango with a medium to firm aromatic flesh boasting a sweet, mild flavour and smooth skin with an all over dark red blush
  • has been grown commercially in Queensland for over ten years but makes up less than 5 percent of the total industry
  • available from January to March


  • is a medium to large (400g – 1kg) sized mango with firm flesh, a sweet to mild flavour and a thick skin tinged with a red-pink to bronze blush
  • is the third most popular commercial mango variety in Australia, growing throughout the sub-tropical and tropical regions of Australia
  • available from January to March


  • is a medium to large (400g – 1kg) sized mango with medium to firm flesh, a sweet flavour, and smooth highly coloured skin tinged with a red to purple blush
  • a late season variety, the Kent is grown in most Australian districts and is available from January to March


  • a slightly smaller mango (300 – 400g) with very firm flesh, a sweet, juicy flavour, and a lovely pearl-flecked skin with a bright orange to red blush
  • its firm flesh makes it a great no-mess fruit to work with in the kitchen
  • a late maturing variety that ripens evenly and generally has a longer shelf life of between 7 and 21 days
  • available throughout the month of February


  • a medium-sized mango (300g – 800g) with a pale orange skin with no blush, and tasty flesh with a sweet flavour
  • available from February to April

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