Amron’s Vanishing Fruit Wash Labels

From the creator of the Key/Ring comes the Fruit Wash Label.

These fruit labels dissolve into an organic fruit cleansing Produce Wash that helps to remove dirt, bacteria, pesticides and wax.

Its features include:

  • There is no sticker to peel off and throw in the bin
  • The price of the produce can be printed on the apple along with a barcode for smoother transactions in the retail sector
  • The labels are actually water resistant. You need to wash/rub the label with water to trigger the transformation to soap.
  • Helps to remove water resistant wax, fungicides and pesticides without purchasing an additional fruit wash product
If you don’t want to wash off the label, these fruit wash labels can still be removed the old fashioned way, by peeling it off and throwing it in the bin.

These labels have not been released yet, the creator is seeking investors and there is no word yet on how much these labels cost to produce.

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