Sweet Success for Apple Crunch

The Big Apple Crunch at Denistone East Primary School was a huge success. Hundreds of Denistone East students, parents and teachers gathered around to crunch on an apple in celebration of Healthy Kids Fruit ’n’ Veg Month.

The students presented an Apple Crunch song, their aerobics team danced, Sydney Swans players threw balls with the kids and the Sydney Markets Fruit ’n’ Veg Gang handed out balloons. Winners of the colouring-in competition were selected and apples were crunched as Ch 9’s TODAY Show broadcast the celebration across the country.

Fruit ‘n’ Veg Month Co-ordinator Cathrine Ritter said, “It was great to see so many children excited about Fruit ‘n’ Veg Month and the Big Apple Crunch. Keryn Simpson from Denistone East PS went above and beyond to make the celebration what it was. We hope that through the broadcast on the TODAY Show many other school communities are encouraged to get involved with Crunch&Sip and Fruit ‘n’ Veg Month”.

It was a fabulous celebration of Fruit ‘n’ Veg Month that was contributed to by many.

Source: Healthy Kids Association