Citrus Growers Fight Back

Aussie Orange Week pays off in sales and visibility – including ABC’s ‘Landline’ program

The results are in: The Aussie Orange Week promotion in August drove higher retail sales of oranges, ongoing improvements in retail display, and unprecedented visibility of the challenges facing Australian growers.

More than 10,000 oranges were distributed by over 50 orange growers who converged on Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth on August 16 to publicise Aussie Orange Week.  Their objective was to urge Australians to buy oranges and support growers after this season’s exports were affected due to the high Australian dollar.  A spokesperson for a major Australian retailer said pre-packed orange sales “…performed very well and are continuing strong growth” over the weeks following the promotion.

Aussie Orange Week also generated media coverage across 135 radio and TV stations and 30 print and online news outlets – giving the industry a visibility it had never before enjoyed.  The most recent coverage generated by the campaign appeared in a well-balanced story on the ABC television’s reputable Landline program.  You can view the story featured on 11 September 2011 on the ABC’s web site by clicking here

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