Mango Season has arrived at Sydney Markets

The first tray of mangoes went up for auction at Sydney Markets on Wednesday fetching a sweet $30,000.

The annual Sydney Markets Mango Auction was held this Wednesday, 31st August and proceeds from the auction were donated to The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Westmead Children’s Hospital.

A group of greengrocers rallied together to produce the winning bid, equalling last years winning tray purchased by Woolworths. That’s a whopping $2500 per mango!

There were many minor items up for auction including an electronic pallet jack, won by ProFruit for a tidy $7700.

The event also comprised of a spaghetti eating competition, which is always a favourite with the boys at Sydney Markets. The winning eater from Scarla Bros demolished the huge plate of spaghetti in a matter of minutes!

But the event that caught everyone’s attention was the Mango Eating Competition where little Harry ate a mango so quickly you blinked and you missed it!

Overall there was great deal of money raised for two very good charities (final figure to be released soon) as Sydney Markets wholesalers and greengrocers alike dug deep to give their financial support. Just another reason why it pays to support your local greengrocer!