This week in fresh produce

AFGC finalising legislation to tackle uncompetitive behaviour of Australian supermarkets
March 19, 2012

Australian Food & Grocery Council’s (AFGC) push for a Supermarket Ombudsman and a Fair Trading Code of Conduct to be established in Australia is gaining momentum.
The AFGC has long supported the introduction of regulatory mechanisms on the supermarket industry. It has previously said that there is an “urgent need” for an ombudsman in Australia, especially during the recent supermarket price wars.
This week, the AFGC announced that it is finalising proposed draft legislation for the establishment of a Supermarket Ombudsman. It is also working with international law firm Baker & McKenzie to ensure the draft legislation meets the needs of industry and other organisations in the supply chain.
The AFGC has previously said that the Ombudsman would promote transparency in pricing and fairness along the supply chain and provide recourse for those participants in the food and grocery sector who lack market power, particularly small business, small-to-medium food manufacturers and consumers.
The AFGC said this week that it will consult all stakeholders on the draft legislation.

Season commences for new apple varieties in Australia
March 20, 2012

Two new Australian-grown apple varieties, Kanzi and Greenstar, will be available throughout Australia as of early April 2012.
The Greenstar and Kanzi Marketing Group, made up of several key Australian growers in conjunction with Giston Consulting Services, are responsible for the new apple varieties.
They have been collectively working towards this season’s harvest for the past five years.
Both apple varieties are grown in Australia’s apple-producing regions including Batlow and Orange in NSW, Manjimup in WA, Adelaide Hills in SA and the Mornington Peninsula in VIC.
Kanzi was first grown in Europe, where it was developed from a natural cross between a Gala and a Braeburn apple. It is a crunchy and firm apple, with a sweet and sour flavour and a bright red skin.
Since it was first grown in Belgium, Kanzi has become the fastest growing new variety of apple in Europe, with production expected to reach around 40,000 tonnes this year.
The Greenstar apple was developed from a natural cross between the Delbarestival and Granny Smith varieties and has a sweet flavour.
Greenstar apples also contain a high level of Vitamin C and they also possess the remarkable quality of resistance to oxidation. Because of this, the flesh of a Greenstar apple will stay white after being cut open or bitten into for hours afterwards.