Modified atmosphere packaging enhances shipping options

In an interconnected world where consumer tastes demand few gaps in the availability of produce, shipping becomes a big concern. For those wishing to improve their shipping options, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) offers an enhancement over other packaging.

MAP works by packaging produce in a way that controls the atmosphere within. The gases inside the packaging can be tailored specifically to what's being shipped.

Peakfresh manufactures produce bags and has built upon this concept to provide packaging that removes ethylene, the gas which triggers the ripening process in plants, and prolongs the freshness of produce.

“Peakfresh bags have a natural mineral in the lining which removes ethylene from within the bag,” says Scott Morton of Peakfresh.

“The benefit of this is that produce will last longer,” he adds.

Packaging can be tailored to specific produce and the atmosphere within can be controlled to prolong freshness. With longer periods of freshness, growers have more shipping options since a longer shelf life means they can ship to more distant markets or opt for lower-cost freight options.

“With our bags,” adds Morton, “produce is held in the optimal state of freshness, so there's no need to pick early to anticipate the produce ripening during shipping.”

As a result of these advantages, reception has been good from shippers of fruit, vegetables, plants and cut flowers.

“We provide bags all around the world for various industries,” notes Morton, “and the reception has been brilliant.”

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Publication date: 12/7/2011
Author: Carlos Nunez