Growers vote against Riverina Citrus

Australia's largest citrus growing area could be facing a future without a local industry body. Growers in Griffith, in south-west NSW, last night passed a majority vote to dissolve Riverina Citrus.

The ABC understands an attempt was made to raise a motion for the board to resign but it was not accepted. Producer Carmel La Rocca says the organisation was well aware growers were unhappy with the board, long before the recent petition to have the group wound up.

"We've actually spoken to them on numerous occasions about the concerns of the farmers, the fact that they were not happy with the way the levies had been taken and yet there was no transparency and no real hope for them," she said.

"So the feeling was, well, why are the levies being paid?"

NSW Agriculture Minister Katrina Hodgkinson won't comment on the result. It's understood she needs to receive a formal request from citrus growers to conduct another poll through the electoral commission. Half of the Riverina's 400-plus growers are required to vote for an official result.

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