Christmas dinner: Ten months to grow, 30 minutes to go

Morrisons reveals the average Christmas dinner takes forty two weeks to 'prepare'. When you sit down on December 25th to enjoy your Christmas Dinner, consider the fact it's taken a whopping forty two weeks to get from field to fork, or 295 days, seven hours and 12 minutes to be exact. Morrisons questioned its farmers to discover how long it takes to produce the essential ingredients required for the most important meal of the year, and asked diners how long it takes to clear their festive plates. The supermarket discovered the average Brit polishes off turkey and all the trimmings - and a spot of Christmas pud - in just 30 minutes and 44 seconds, compared to Britain's farmers ten month labour of love raising turkeys, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sprouts and pigs in blankets for the big day. That's a growth to consumption ratio of 13,836 seconds to one.

Morrisons research also revealed UK households spend the best part of a working day getting their ducks - or turkeys - in a row for the festive feast, with an average of three hours and 30 minutes spent shopping for the food and three hours and 42 minutes in the kitchen cooking the meal. This equates to 178 million hours spent by the nation preparing for the biggest dinner of the year. The quickest Christmas dinner scoffers live in the East Midlands, clearing their plates in 25 minutes flat. They even finish their Christmas dinner before the rest of Britain begins, sitting down at 1.40pm compared to the national average of 2.25pm - finishing just in time to watch the Queen's speech.

Morrisons fresh produce manager Adrian Ford said: "We don't just grow food, we nurture it. Every sprout, spud and turkey destined for the Christmas table is cultivated with care over months and months to guarantee the most important meal of the year delivers on flavour and freshness. Christmas Dinner might be only half an hour long for most British families, but we make sure every minute - and every mouthful - counts."